Blizzards new release “Outburst of fury” is now on pre-sale on Heavy Forces Rec.

You can place your order for the vinyl here.

blizzard_outburst the fury_Presale


Blizzard signed up to Heavy Forces Rec. for the next full length album. The album comes in Feb./March 2016 as a VINYL-release in 800 black and 200 colored vinyls.

AND 100 die hard TAPES on Unholy Fire Rec. in May/Juni 2016!

The merch will come in future via Unholy Fire Rec..


Some sad news:

The Pösercrusher decided to left Blizzard because familiar reasons. He will always be a part of the band and some kind of 4th member in the backgeound.
Our new Bassplayer will be the
Lumberjack, our 2nd bassplayer. Some of you will know him from some shows we did with him in the past at dates where the Pösercrusher had no time...

The work on the new album works well and the next album will the first where you can hear the Lumberjack doing the BulldozerBassRoaring! Welcome as full member Lumberjack!


We plan to do a Die Hard version of the "Alcoholic Metal Mayhem" demo tape and the never before released "Live In Pforzheim" stuff on Unholy Fire Rec. For orders visit:

This stuff will come in two limited formats: 100 tapes with A2 poster, sticker and button and 100 vinyl replica CD's with A2 poster, sticker an button.

Watch out for this last chance to get the "Alcoholic Metal Mayhem" demo and the "Live In Pforzheim" stuff in best possible quality titeled "Forgotten Beers"!


Hellz out there!

The BLIZZARD / VIOLATION WOUND split 7"EP is out now on Doomentia Rec.. For orders visit:

Blizzard_Violation Woung_Spli

We also started with the songwriting for the next Blizzard full length album. We plan to start the recordings in the middle of 2015. Await another fist in every posers face!
By the way we are looking for a label that is interrested in releasing this album. If an interrested label reads this feel free to contact us. I'm shure we can find some good conditions for both sides...


Because many differences and to many broken engagements and promisses we decide to break with Evil Spell Rec.!

If a label is interrested in future Blizzard Releases feel free to contact us for the conditions!

A next assault in any posers face out there and a lesson in real Metal Punk for all the wannabys out there will be ready at the middle end of 2015...


PRE-ORDER with BLIZZARD Shape-Backpatch


PRE-ORDER with MORRIGAN Shape-Backpatch

10" Mini-LP over 30 min of Raw Black`n Bathory Roll comes on white Vinyl with Red speckles and a Blizzard/Morrigan Shape-Backpatch 20x20 cm each limited to 50 copies in a Gatefold-Cover.

Last recordings in the original Morrigan Line-Up

Only available at Undercover Records:

blizzard_backpatch   blizzard_morrigan_split_lp_cover   morrigan_backpatch


The split 7" EP with Blizzard and Violation Wound will come out in Autumn / Winter on Doomentia (




here it is – the Blizzard website. Here you can check out our music, some pictures, the history and some merchandise. Many thanks to our webmaster Yves for making this possible!

Enjöy and deströy, Blizzard